Permanent Makeup Pigments – Pat Gauthier is a Permanent Makeup Pigment Expert

The Evolution of Permanent Makeup Pigments
When considering permanent makeup pigments, we often take for granted the wide variety of colors that are available today. We may also wonder if the pigments that are available are deemed safe. Many of the problems previously plaguing the permanent makeup industry were due to poor pigment quality. Poor pigments will cause unfavorable results and may even lead to health concerns.
Today there is a huge line of FDA approved permanent makeup pigments that are made from the best possible ingredients. The variety of safe pigments available today are often attributed to the continued hard work of Pat Gauthier. The rise in popularity of the permanent makeup industry is due in large part to her tireless effort finding safe ingredients that produce the best possible results.
Pat Gauthier recognized the need for safer permanent makeup pigments and she dedicated her time to successfully developing them. Her modest beginnings included simple trial and error in her own kitchen experimenting with different types of pigments. This eventually evolved into working with some of the top chemists and laboratories in the world to find the absolute best iron and titanium oxides used to manufacture the pigments.
Permanent Makeup Pigments Today
Pat Gauthier revolutionized permanent makeup pigments and she is now considered one of the top micro-pigmentation experts in the world. Her company, the Micro-Pigmentation Centre, now boasts an impressive lineup of cosmetic tattooing pigments that total 56 different colors. The company carefully manufactures these pigments and currently exports the products to well over 30 different countries all over the world.
The large number of pigments available, thanks to Pat Gauthier, has caused resurgence in the permanent makeup industry and increased the number of different uses. The Signature Series of pigments available from the Micro-Pigmentation Centre offers colors for cosmetic tattooing as well as for corrective procedures such breast reconstruction. There is a Construction series of pigments that also work to neutralize and correct color changes in the skin.
Permanent Makeup Expertise
Pat Gauthier devoted her time to not only finding safe and effective permanent makeup pigments, but also to developing pigments that interact in the best possible way with a number of different skin types. This is extremely important since it dictates what colors or shades should be used with different skin types and what skin types are not candidates for permanent makeup. Gauthier has taken her vast knowledge on melanin and tattooing pigments to develop complex color theories that are in use by many of the top permanent makeup artists in the world today.
She continues to find ways to help others use the knowledge that she has acquired over her years of experience. This includes speaking at permanent makeup seminars and developing advanced workshops to educate permanent makeup artists of all levels on the latest color theory and procedures. She also spends a lot of time meeting with plastic surgeons all over the world.
In addition to the Micro-Pigmentation Centre being a major supplier of permanent makeup pigments worldwide, the facility also offers comprehensive training courses on color theory and mixing formulations.
Pat Gauthier continues to work tirelessly to develop the best and widest range of pigments available on the market today.
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